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Bonjour! My name is Jean Pierre

I started Maison Cote...

when I moved to Vancouver in 1991. At that time it was very hard to find good products in the Lower Mainland (oh, how times have changed!). Starting with a some basic seasonings (basil garlic sea salt, herbes de provence, a few vinegars and oils), I slowly began to introduce British Columbians to a new world of flavours.

After 20 years, I am now at 480 different products, always prepared by hand the old fashioned way. Though I could, I still refuse to sell to big corporations, preferring to keep production small and to focus on quality and customer service over quantity. After all these years, you can still find me at local farmers markets or craft shows - this is how I have built my business. It has been 20 wonderful years! Your trust in my product makes me so happy and keeps me working hard to keep bringing you more.

Jean-Pierre Coté

Proprietor, Maison Coté, Vancouver

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Thank you so much for your support and trust in my work