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The Covid19 is a game changer to millions of Humans on this planet, am no exception! as a small food artisan I will not lie, it is scary to see 28 years of hard work come to a halt with no guaranty to be back to normal anytime soon, our sales have drop 60%, then 80% with the US-Canada border closed, no international tourists, the cruise to Alaska in jeopardy + uncertainty on opening farmers market this Summer, this look like a very bleak Season for lots of small businesses, employee depending on you all to make a living. 
I am so Sorry, Maison Cote have closed it Granville Island location as Granville Island Administration terminated the Local Artisans program and the Granville Island Farmers market till June 2021.

Here 3 options to order from us,
we still ship world wild
For Canadian you could use this site to order.

For Friends and Clients from around the world you could order via this email  


we will get back to you with cost, shipment & payment informations.

For Friends & Clients around Vancouver we offer a delivery service to your door or a pick up at
the Marpole production facility under appointment only

I am Planning to have some open door days at the production facility on a meet-up venue, where you could pick up any of my custom items or any of the basic herbs, sea salt, spices, vinegar, saffron, vanilla beans... all items I could not sales at any Farmers markets or Granville Island, (make it bake it or grow it )
 I will keep you posted.
Thank you for your support, as small food artisan every sales help us to survive in those difficult days.
If you are in the Vancouver, Langley, Surrey, Delta, Richmond, Ladner, Coquitlam, North and West Vancouver ... I could deliver or mail it to you for a $7.00 flat fee if you Email me at maisoncote@telus.net

Jean Pierre Côté / Maison Côté Vancouver




Salt, Spice, and Herb Blends & Rubs
Handcrafted • Small-Batch • Made with Care in Vancouver BC from local & imports ingredients.

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